Swarovski 5000 - Round 3mm

Swarovski Round Bead (5000) 3mm - Clear Crystal
Swarovski Round Bead (5000) 3mm - Clear Crystal

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Swarovski Round Bead (5000) 3mm - Color
Swarovski Round Bead (5000) 3mm - Color

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Swarovski Round Bead (5000) 3mm - Crystal Effect
Swarovski Round Bead (5000) 3mm - Crystal Effect

  • This item is not foiled. Please note some coated effects may cause the stone to be non-transparent.

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    ** Limited Quantity/Special Order Item. Minimum Order Quantity may applies.
    Special Order Colors
    Sys No.
    Unit In Stock MOQ SURQ
    2119465000 MM 3.0 BLACK DIAMOND AB4$194.02USD720196,560--Add✔
    6327825000 MM 3.0 CRYSTAL DORADO4$187.38USD7206,480--Add✔
    8957085000 MM 3.0 CRYSTAL MOONLIGHT3$206.14USD72003,600-Add✔
    2562735000 MM 3.0 CRYSTAL SATIN4$187.38USD72010,080--Add✔
    50757105000 MM 3.0 DARK MOSS GREEN AB4$194.02USD72033,840--Add✔
    10800705000 MM 3.0 FERN GREEN AB4$194.02USD7209,360--Add✔
    11299045000 MM 3.0 INDIAN PINK AB4$194.02USD7208,640--Add✔
    362685000 MM 3.0 JET HEMAT3$213.46USD72003,600-Add✔
    11627945000 MM 3.0 LIGHT TURQUOISE3$198.59USD720016,560-Add✔
    50129485000 MM 3.0 LIGHT TURQUOISE AB4$194.02USD72012,960--Add✔
    54235515000 MM 3.0 MAJESTIC BLUE3$198.59USD720016,560-Add✔
    6324175000 MM 3.0 PADPARADSCHA3$198.59USD720016,560-Add✔
    6710715000 MM 3.0 PADPARADSCHA AB4$194.02USD720247,680--Add✔
    2745185000 MM 3.0 SMOKY QUARTZ4$180.52USD720141,840--Add✔

    Program (PG)
    • In Regular Production
    • In Regular Production (Will Stop Soon)
    • Out of Production: Selling remaining stock. If no stock, special production possible (conditions apply**)
    • Out of Production: Selling remaining stock only. No production possible.

    Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ)
      **Minimum order quantity (MOQ) does not apply when there is sufficient "in stock" quantity available. However, please note stock status may not be always up to date. For out of production items, 25% surcharge applies unless:
    • the surcharge-free quantity (SURQ) can be met, or
    • there is sufficient stock available.

    Product Description (Item)
      Example: 4328 MM 10.0X 6.0 CRYSTAL F
    • 4328: model number of the article/shape
    • MM: unit of the size
    • 10.0X 6.0: size
    • CRYSTAL: color
    • F: indicates item is FOILED. Without this, the item is UNFOILED

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