Swarovski Baroque Bead (5058) 14mm - Clear Crystal
Swarovski Baroque Bead (5058) 14mm - Clear Crystal

Model: SW5058-14-1
System Number: 5252257
Manufactured by: SWAROVSKI
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The flat, lightweight Swarovski 5058 Baroque Bead gives a fascinating sparkle to vintage and romantic designs without adding any additional weight. It combines really well with the Swarovski 5058 Baroque Mirror FS and the 6090 Swarovski 5058 Baroque Pendant, and is ideal for creating radiant floral and sew-on patterns for textiles. The subtle asymmetry of the Swarovski 5058 Baroque Bead opens up myriad design possibilities, its pear shape allowing it to be used back to back and tip to tip to create interesting bead string flows. This modern interpretation of a classic baroque-inspired shape adds grandeur and historic beauty to traditional, nostalgic, and contemporary looks. Incorporate the Swarovski 5058 Baroque Bead in jewelry, DIY, and accessory pieces, and benefit from the complex shape, high level of brilliance, and precise cut, including detailed facets on the side.

Swarovski 5058 Baroque Beads are made of lead-free ADVANCED CRYSTAL by Swarovski.

This item is In Regular Production. The net weight of 1 piece is approximately 1.39 gram and one factory package of 36 pieces is about 71 gram. This product is available in 36 Pieces (Factory Pack), 18 Pieces (Value Pack) and 1 Piece (Sample Pack).

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In Stock 216 Pieces

In Regular Production
WholesaleIn Stock:216 Pieces
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