Swarovski Buddha Pendant (6871) 28x19.8mm - Clear Crystal
Swarovski Buddha Pendant (6871) 28x19.8mm - Clear Crystal
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Buddha Pendant
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28x19.8 mm
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The Swarovski 6871 Buddha Pendant matches the trend towards Asian symbols. It combines an oval shape with a modern interpretation of Swarovski 6871 Buddha, the all-knowing spiritual symbol of Buddhism that represents peace of mind, perfection, stability, and protection. A masterpiece of crystal cutting, this exquisite pendant's very precise detailing depicts Swarovski 6871 Buddha's facial expression as truthfully as possible. Link the past and present by incorporating this meaningful component in emotional jewelry and accessory designs that have the cultural appeal of a collectible talisman. Alternatively, add a multicultural feel by combining the Swarovski 6871 Buddha Pendant with other meaningful symbols, such as the Greek Cross Pendant or the Fatima Hand Fancy Stone.

Swarovski 6871 Buddha Pendants are made of lead-free ADVANCED CRYSTAL by Swarovski.

This item is Out of Production (Limited Quantity). The net weight of 1 piece is approximately 3.5 gram and one factory package of 10 pieces is about 57.0000 gram. This item can no longer be produced and only remaining stock is available. This product is available in 10 Pieces (Factory Pack), 5 Pieces (Value Pack), 2 Pieces (Retail Pack) and 1 Piece (Sample Pack). Mix & Match discount is available for multiple quantity of Retail packages.

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Crystal is a completely transparent color. The pictures are for reference only. The shape shown below may not necessarily reflect the item indicated above. The actual color depends on the production batch and your display's setting.

In Stock 62 Pieces

Out of Production (Limited Quantity)
This is an Out Of Production Item
Special production is required if you order more than 2 Pieces
The Minimum Order is 1 Factory Pack (10 Pieces)
In Stock:62 Pieces
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