Swarovski Genuine Topaz Pear Star (SGTPCPS) 5x3mm - White Centria Cut
Swarovski Genuine Topaz Pear Star (SGTPCPS) 5x3mm - White Centria Cut

Model: SGTPCPS-5x3-WHT
System Number: 27720
Manufactured by: SWAROVSKI GEMS
Wholesale Availability:8000 pieces in stock

  • Quality Statement on Centria Cut
    Tolerances: ± 0.15 mm
    Polishing: Excellent, with polished girdle
    Facet geometry/symmetry: Produced to the highest standards of conventional cutting methods
    Proportions: Girdle to table precise and consistent, slight variation in height (average up to 13% of total height)

    Sorting Criteria for Centria Cut
    All Centria Cut stones are sorted to exceed the highest standards in the market.
  • This item is In Regular Production. This product is available in 80 Pieces (Factory Pack).

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    In Stock 8,000 Pieces

    In Regular Production
    WholesaleIn Stock:8,000 Pieces
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