Swarovski Rivoli (1122) SS17 - Crystal Effect With Platinum Foiling
Swarovski Rivoli (1122) SS17 - Crystal Effect With Platinum Foiling
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Swarovski 1122 Rivoli stands for simplicity and elegance. The sharp lines of this cut form a geometric pattern with high-precision faceting that results in a subtle yet clear brilliance. Its elegant appeal make the Rivoli Round Stone a true classic that works both in simple and intricate design pieces. With its modern yet distinctive sparkle, the Rivoli Round Stone lends a certain level of sophistication to every look.

These wonderfully faceted rhinestones have 16 facets front and back and form a center point on both sides that feature a symmetrical multi-faceted pattern. There are no drilled holes or flat surface areas on this Swarovski 1122 Rivoli Rhinestones. These can be used with our Rivoli Prong Settings or Swarovski's 1122/S Rivoli Prong Settings. If you do not have the time to set hundreds or even thousands pieces of Rivoli to settings, Allium Blue offers settings service and is unique among Swarovski distributors. Simply order the Rivoli with the "settings attached" option selected.

This item is Out of Production (Limited Quantity). This item can no longer be produced and only remaining stock is available. This product is available in 1440 Pieces (Factory Pack), 720 Pieces (Value Pack), 360 Pieces (Retail Pack) and 10 Pieces (Sample Pack). Mix & Match discount is available for multiple quantity of Retail packages.

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Crystal Effect

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Crystal Aurore Boreale F
001 AB
In Stock 720 Pieces

Out of Production (Limited Quantity)
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In Stock:720 Pieces
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