Swarovski Rose Flat Back No-Hotfix (2000) SS3 - Color Unfoiled
Swarovski Rose Flat Back No-Hotfix (2000) SS3 [Clear Crystal Color Shown]
Swarovski Rose Flat Back No-Hotfix (2000) SS3 [3D]
Swarovski Rose Flat Back No-Hotfix (2000) SS3 - Color Unfoiled

Model: SW2000-S3-2
System Number: 1005683
Manufactured by: SWAROVSKI
Wholesale Availability:97450 pieces in stock
Retail Availability:970 pieces in stock

This item is not foiled.
Thanks to its small size, as well as an extraordinary consistency in colors, effects, and measurements, Swarovski's Swarovski 2000 Rose Flat Back offers seemingly endless design possibilities when it comes to creating colorful logos. Choose from a varied assortment of colors and effects, and take advantage of the easy application using Hotfix.

Swarovski 2000 Rose Flat Back rhinestones are composed of Swarovski's ADVANCED CRYSTAL and are lead-free.

The Swarovski 2000 Rose flatback crystal is also available in the no Hot-Fix version, which can be glued onto surfaces and textiles.

This item is In Regular Production. The net weight of 100 pieces is approximately 0.14 gram and one factory package of 1,440 pieces is about 13 gram. This product is available in 1440 Pieces (Factory Pack), 720 Pieces (Value Pack) and 10 Pieces (Sample Pack).

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In Stock 97,450 Pieces

In Regular Production
WholesaleIn Stock:97,450 Pieces
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