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Radiolarian Pendant partly fro
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34x22 mm
Article Description:
A 6730 MM 34,0X 22,0 CRYSTAL
Full Color:
Crystal (001)
Crystal Color:
Crystal (001)
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Advanced Crystal (AC)
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6.257 g
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8 pieces
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32 pieces
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Out of Production (Limited Quantity)
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SWAROVSKI 6730 34X22MM CRYSTAL factory pack
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Hand Application
Recommended Segements:
  • Jewelry Components: Jewelry where the crystal component is rarely in direct skin contact, i.e. brooches and belt buckles
  • Jewelry with Skin Contact: Jewelry where the crystal component is in prolonged direct skin contact, i.e. necklaces and bracelets
  • Textile: Apparel including couture, lingerie, athleisure and sportswear, with limited mechanical stress and possibly high exposure to perfume
  • Shoe Accessories: Footwear accessories like laces, buckles or buttons, with limited mechanical stress
  • Watches: Watches and wristbands with increased mechanical stress and high exposure to sweat
  • Dance: Apparel for ballroom dancing, cheerleading, figure skating and suchlike activities with high exposure to sweat and possibly perfume
  • Swimwear: Apparel with high exposure to salty/chlorinated water or air as well as sunlight
  • Shoes: Footwear including high heels, sneakers, sandals and so on, with increased mechanical stress
  • Eyewear: Eyewear with high exposure to sunlight and sweat

  • The partly frosted Swarovski 6730 Radiolarian Pendant is an exclusive Designer Edition piece created by filmmaker and environmentalist Céline Cousteau, granddaughter of the famous French explorer Jacques Yves Cousteau. Inspired by nature, radiolarians are tiny organisms made up of one single cell and an opalescent exoskeleton. The sparkling, matte surfaces of the larger sizes of the Radiolarian Pendant form an irregular drop shape with a perforation at the top, smaller sizes have indentations, rather than holes. The interplay of clear and frosted facets creates a stunning surface effect. Use this component for naturalistic designs that make a strong ecological statement. The Swarovski 6730 Radiolarian Pendant can be easily combined with other crystals from Céline Cousteau's Designer Edition.

    Swarovski 6730 Radiolarian (Partly Frosted) Pendants are made of lead-free ADVANCED CRYSTAL by Swarovski.

    This Crystal item is Out of Production (Limited Quantity) with 32 pieces currently available (as of 2021-05-08). The net weight of 1 piece is approximately 5.88 gram and one factory package of 8 pieces is about 68.0000 gram. This item can no longer be produced and only remaining stock is available. This product is available in 8 Pieces (Factory Pack), 4 Pieces (Value Pack), 2 Pieces (Retail Pack) and 1 Piece (Sample Pack). Mix & Match discount is available for multiple quantity of Retail packages.

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    Crystal is a completely transparent color. The pictures are for reference only. The shape shown below may not necessarily reflect the item indicated above. The actual color depends on the production batch and your display's setting.

    In Stock 32 Pieces
    6730 MM 34,0X 22,0 CRYSTAL STOCK STATUS

    Out of Production (Limited Quantity)
    This is an Out Of Production Item
    The Minimum Order is 1 Factory Pack (8 Pieces)
    In Stock:32 Pieces
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