Swarovski 1681/S - Vision Settings

Manufacturer: Swarovski
Country of Origin: Made in Austria
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Plated Brass
Plated Tombac
Non-Plated Brass
Non-Plated Tombac
Plated Brass
Plated Tombac

The Swarovski 1681/S Vision Round Stone Standard Setting is beautifully designed to provide a secure grip on the crystal by enclosing them with prongs, rather than with glue. There are two versions: 00 C is unplated, with no holes and a closed back, and perfectly suited to soldering and post-plating when making jewelry. H2 O is either unplated, gold plated or rhodium plated, and it has two parallel holes through the sides and an open back, and it’s primarily used for sewing. Ordering is straightforward, as it has the same article number as its corresponding Round Stone: just add “/S” at the end of the product number.

Swarovski 1681 Vision crystal settings are used with Swarovski 1681 Vision crystal.

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