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Catalogue Summary (Price, Colours, Sizes)

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Swarovski Collection (Complete)
Swarovski Beads (5000 Series)
Swarovski Buttons (3000 Series)
Swarovski Pearls (5800 Seires)
Swarovski Fancy Stones (4000 Series)
Swarovski Fancy Stone Settings (4000/S Series)
Swarovski Flat Backs (2000 Series)
Swarovski Flat Backs Hot-Fix (2000 Series)
Swarovski Knobs & Handles (7000 Series)
Swarovski Pendants (6000 Series)
Swarovski Round Stones (1000 Series)
Part-cut and Uncut Articles
Any part-cut or uncut article will be identified by its article number.

/1 - Only part of the stone has been cut.
eg. 5309/1 Round Bicone

/2 - Only the table of the stone has been cut.
eg. 4200/2 Navette

/3 - The stone has not been cut and has pressed facets.
eg. 4813/3 Heart

/4 - The stone has not been cut and has no facets.
eg. 2080/4 Cabochon

Surface Effects
Applied on the surface of the stone

ABAurore Boreale
ANTPAntique Pink
APIAstral Pink
BLSHBlue Shade
BRSHBronze Shade
CALComet Argent Light
GSHAGolden Shadow
IRIGIridescent Green
LISHLilac Shadow
LUMGLuminous Green
METBLMetallic Blue
MLGLDMetallic Light Gold
METSIMetallic Silver
REDMRed Magma
ROGLRose Gold
SSHASilver Shade
Translucent Effects
Applied on the back of the stone, effect shines through the crystal

BBLBermuda Blue
MBLMeridian Blue
SBLSky Blue
STSStar Shine
SINISilver Night
VLVitrail Light
VMVitrail Medium

BLAPABlack Patina
GOLPAGold Patina
ROSPARose Patina
SILPASilver Patina
WHIPAWhite Patina

Variations on Surface Effects
V - Effects applied on the reverse side.
Z - Only part of the stone is treated for an effect.
B - Effects on three sides of a cube shape article
2X - Both sides of the stone are treated with an effect.

Special Surface Effects
These effecs are achieved by chemical or mechanical process.
MAT - Matt Finish
FRO - Frosted
COS - Cosmojet

Platinum Foilng (F) - A silver mirror that is coated with a newly developed platinum colored, protective layer.
Aluminum Foiling (M) - An aluminum mirror is applied using a vacuum coating process.
Silver Foiling (S)
Green Gold Foiling (GG)
Unfoiled (U) - Usually an article not marked with any kind of foiling is unfoiled.

Hotfix (HF)
Hotfix technology involves applying a specially developed glue onto the reverse side of Flat Backs. The glue, which is extremely flexible, is activated by temperatures between 120 and 170°C and bonds with the carrier material. The crystal element is permanently fixed onto the carrier material during the cooling off process.

Hotfix Transparent (HFT)
This variant of the Hotfix technology is a patented bonding agent that is applied to the reverse side of non-mirror finished Flat Backs resulting in an interesting “raindrop” effect during which the crystal takes on the color of the carrier materials.

No Hotfix (NoHF)
All Hotfix articles are also available as No Hotfix without glue applied onto the reverse side.

Plating is an option available for most Swarovski settings that contain metal parts.

Gold 3-5 Mil (3) - anti nickel allergenic
Sterling Silver 15 Mil (S) - anti nickel allergenic (retired 2014 July)
Gun Metal Plating (G) - anti nickel allergenic
Rhodium (H) - anti nickel allergenic
Antique Gold (A) - only available for Filigrees (62000 series)
Antique Silver (B) - only available for Filigrees (62000 series)

No Plating (Z)
All metal settings are made with brass. Settings without plating will appear in the golden brass colour. Streling silver base metal can be requested for additional charge.

From left to right: unplated (raw brass), sterling silver plated, gun metal plated, gold plated.
Setting Configuration
H2O: 4 holes (2 on each side), with base hole (open back)
H2C: 4 holes (2 on each side), without base hole (closed back)
00C: No hole, without base hole (closed back)
00O: No hole, with base hole (open back)
H1C: 2 holes (1 on each side), without base hole (closed back)
H1O: 2 holes (1 on each side), with base hole (open back)
G2C: Cross groove

Application Techniques
Gluing Soldering and Electroplating Hotfix Application Sewing and Embroidery Beading Mechanical Application Setting
Round StonesOO
Flat Backs No HotfixOO
Flat Backs HotfixO
Sew-on StonesOO
Fancy StonesOO
Crystal PearlsOO
Transfers No HotfixO
Crystal TattoosO
Crystal FabricOOO
Crystal TransfabricOOO
Crystal GlazeOO
Crystal YarnO
Plastic TrimmingsOOO
Buttons & FastenersOOO
Metal TrimmingsOOO
Crystal MeshOOO
Cupchains & FindingsOOO
Swarovski Sew-on Stones
Swarovski Ceramic Stones

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