Japanese glass beads have been around for many decades. The major producers are located in the Hiroshima prefecture, a historical industrial region of Japan. Compared to glass beads made in other countries, MIYUKI glass beads are generally more uniform in size, shape, and finish. The bestseller from MIYUKI is the Delica® seed beads. These are available in thousands of colors and finishes. They are great for designs in jewelry, costume, decoration, and accessory.

Established in 1974, MIYUKI is of the leading seed bead producers. Products are usually in-stock. If an item is out-of-stock, MIYUKI usually require 3 to 4 months for production. Please feel free to check with us if you require a large quantity of any product. At this moment, we also carry TOHO, another Hiroshima glass beads producer.

MIYUKI beads are sold by weight. Data below is on average.

Type Model SizeShape Gram
Per Piece
Per KG
Delica DBS 15/0 (1.3mm) 0.0029 350,000
DBSC 15/0 Cut (1.3mm) 0.0025 400,000
DB 11/0 (1.6mm) 0.005 200,000
DBC 11/0 Cut (1.6mm) 0.0043 230,000
DBM 10/0 (2.2mm) 0.0093 108,000
DBMC 10/0 Cut (2.2mm) 0.009 111,000
DBL 8/0 (3mm) 0.0333 30,000
DBLC 8/0 Cut (3mm) 0.0278 36,000
Round Rocailles RR15 15/0 (1.5mm) 0.004 250,000
RR11 11/0 (2mm) 0.009 110,000
RR8 8/0 (3mm) 0.0256 39,000
RR6 6/0 (4mm) 0.083 12,000
RR5 5/0 (5mm) 0.139 7,200
RR1 1/0 (5.5mm) 0.3 3,300
TILA TL 5x5x1.9mm 0.085 11,800
Square SB1.8 1.8x1.8x1.8mm 0.0115 87,000
SB3 3x3x3mm 0.048 21,000
SB4 4x4x4mm 0.0935 10,700

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