4627 - Octagon

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Amethyst F (204) $133.70CAD$86.51CAD  
Aquamarine F (202) $133.70CAD$86.51CAD  
Black Diamond F (215) $133.70CAD$86.51CAD  
Burgundy F (515) $133.70CAD$86.51CAD  
Chrysolite F (238)   $118.67CAD$76.78CAD
Crystal Aurore Boreale F (001AB) $147.19CAD$95.25CAD  
Crystal F (001) $113.66CAD$73.55CAD$103.43CAD$66.92CAD
Crystal Golden Shadow F (001GSHA) $147.19CAD$95.25CAD  
Crystal Moonlight F (001MOL) $147.19CAD$95.25CAD  
Crystal Red Magma F (001REDM) $147.19CAD$95.25CAD  
Crystal Silver Shade F (001SSHA) $147.19CAD$95.25CAD  
Crystal Vitrail Medium U (001VM) $147.19CAD$95.25CAD  
Dark Moss Green F (260) $133.70CAD$86.51CAD  
Emerald F (205) $133.70CAD$86.51CAD  
Fuchsia F (502) $133.70CAD$86.51CAD  
Jet Hematite U (280HEM) $153.72CAD$99.47CAD$140.01CAD$90.60CAD
Jet Metallic Silver U (280METSI)   $140.01CAD$90.60CAD
Jet Nut U (280NUT)   $140.01CAD$90.60CAD
Jet U (280) $120.19CAD$77.77CAD$109.30CAD$70.73CAD
Light Colorado Topaz F (246) $133.70CAD$86.51CAD  
Light Rose F (223) $133.70CAD$86.51CAD  
Montana F (207) $133.70CAD$86.51CAD$118.67CAD$76.78CAD
Tanzanite F (539) $133.70CAD$86.51CAD  
White Opal F (234) $133.70CAD$86.51CAD  
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Wholesale Only

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