Frequently Asked Questions

  • When will my order ship?

    Usually within the Estimated Last Mile Dispatch Period.

    Once your order is FINALIZED, in-stock goods are immediately prepared at the manufacturers or relevant warehouses for transferring to our shipping depot. Order will be forwarded to you within the Estimated Last Mile Dispatch Period (last leg of delivery) shown during checkout, in your Order Confirmation email, and on the Order Status page under "My Account." This "Period" is provided to you to avoid speculation. For an order that contains only in-stock items, tracking number of the last mile will usually become available within 1 to 2 weeks. Special ordered items may take a longer time since production is required. Our staffs can usually finalize your order within the same business day your order is placed. If necessary, we ship additional shipments every week (free of charge) until your order is completed.

  • Where do you ship to?

    We ship worldwide. We can ship to you as long as your address has postal service.

  • How much is shipping?

    Shipping is free on order values over US$99.

    You can view the shipping costs and available options on the Shopping Cart page once you added item into your cart. You may also find out more on our Shipping Information page.

  • Where do you ship from?

    Our dispatch office is in Hong Kong.

    Once your order is FINALIZED, items are dispatched from the factory (eg. Austria) on our scheduled weekly flights to our shipping office in Hong Kong. Since Hong Kong is a trading port, it allows shorter shipping time and lower overall cost to all parts of the world. Please note that even when Hong Kong has been occupied and became a part of China since 1997, Hong Kong has its own unique set of laws, currency, governance, and most of all, talents, which distingush us from any typical business that operates in Mainland China.

  • I paid for expedited shipping. Why isn't my order shipped yet?

    If items are in-stock, your order is already in-transit.

    Your selected shipping method only covers the last leg of the shipment chain. It does not change the necessary time to process, prepare, and transfer your order. Priority Handling is an option available during checkout for time-sensitive orders, which may or may not speed up the overall process. You will receive tracking information within the Estimated Last Mile Dispatch Period.

  • What is Priority Handling?

    It could make your order arrive earlier.

    Priority Handling allows extra resources to get your items forwarded to our shipping hub more quickly. Your order is moved to the top of the list for processing. With this option selected at checkout, we can allocate more resources to secure your items within a shorter time. Beside our own warehouse, we also access multiple manufacturer warehouses worldwide on a scheduled basis. With Priority Handling, we may be able to arrange faster warehouse collection/transfer, then your order could be forwarded to you earlier.

  • Is there a minimum order amount?

    No, there is no minimum purchase required.

    As long as the quantity is suitable for you, you may purchase as little as 1 item.

  • I do not have a business (or a business license), may I order?


    Even though most of our clients are purchasing for their business, we welcome everyone regardless of background. However, please note that all transactions will be treated with wholesale standard (caveat emptor), as opposed to services that retail business provides.

  • Do you have a phone number?

    We do but not for customer service purposes.

    Our customers are all over the world in different time zones. We have no plan to implement 24/7 phone support and pass its expense onto you. We would like to keep our focus on the online atmosphere. We are much easier to reach by email (through our online form) and we answer messages every day. Not only we can keep a log of communication with you, we can also address your matter more accurately.

  • Can I change or cancel my order?

    Usually this is not possible after an order has entered into the FINALIZED stage.

    Without delay, in-stock goods are already in-transit to our shipping hub once your order is FINALIZED. Please make sure you are only placing your final order. Any request or proposed action for cancellation may have your account suspended immediately.

  • I ordered a package of 1440 pieces but it contains less than 1440 pieces?

    All items are subjected to under- and over-supply of 5 to 10%.

    Wholesale packages rarely contains the exact quantity as marked on the package; usually there's more but in some cases there maybe a few pieces less. If missing quantity exceeds 10%, we can request replacement from the manufacturer. However, they will make the final decision.

  • How long does it take to fulfill an out-of-stock item?

    This could take weeks to months to complete.

    Items that are not in-stock require production. For Swarovski items, our website provides the estimate of the next available batch. However, this is just an estimate and Swarovski frequently change the schedule without warning. Since cancellation is not entertained by the factory, you should order only in-stock items if time is sensitive.

  • Do you have a printed catalogue?


    Since we update and add new products frequently, the items that we offer are all listed on our online catalog website. There are, however, PDF catalogs that you can download and print. For Swarovski products, please see here.

  • Do you offer samples?

    Yes, on most Swarovski items.

    If available, they can be ordered through our website.

  • Are the crystal genuine Swarovski?

    Yes, and we are very serious about distributing only genuine products.

    We are a direct importer of Swarovski components and receive shipment from the Swarovski factory in Austria weekly. Authenticity can be proven by the seal on the factory package (original package). Certificate of Authenticity (COA) is the package itself. Also, the quality of Swarovski crystal is not mistakable. To further ensure authenticity, we do not accept any returning packages that are not sealed or not in the same condition as produced by the factory.

  • Does the crystal come in original package?

    Yes, factory package quantity comes with its original sealed package, as prepared by the factory in Austria.

    There are rare cases where packages have to be open or replaced because we have to verify the content or the package is already damaged in transit.

  • Is the product in stock?

    Stock status is shown on our website, if available.

    To see if an item is in stock, first browse to the product page. When you move your mouse over the word "Stock Status" (usually under the color attribute), a small pop up window will show you exactly how many pieces are available. Items that do not show stock status, please contact us.

  • What are the difference between Color (Uncoated), Color (Half Coated), Crystal (Ordinary Effects), Crystal (Special Effect), Crystal (Full Coated Effect), and Color (Full Coated)?

    These are the color categories the manufacturers use to distinguish color type and its relevant price.

    "Uncoated" means nothing is applied on the surface of the stones. "Coated" means a coating effect is applied on the surface of the stones, such as AB. "Half Coated" means only half of the surface is applied with the coating, while "Full Coated" has all the surface applied with a coating effect, such as AB 2x.

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